Vintage Rustic  to  Vintage Modern + Eclectic

New look, same us! 


COLORS: When we first started in 2013, we were all about the mint, white and black. We have slowly transitioned into a more modern combination of what a trendy client loves! Today, we are blush gold & white! While still using black accents for our logo and fonts! 


STYLE: We are NOT just vintage! When we first started, we were more farm + rustic inspired. Today, while we still continue to love servicing rustic events, we're moving towards a more modern-vintage + eclectic style a trendy client loves!   


CLIENT EXPERIENCE: We've always had bubbly be part of our Client Experience because, let's face it, bubbly makes everything better! However, after hosting weekly meetings for several years now, we decided to spice it up! Every 2-3 weeks we will be holding an open house featuring different pieces from our collection and dressing them up to represent an event. This way, clients can see our pieces in action! We're talking about a reception table completely set up with chairs, florals and tableware. A bar area styled with liquor bottles and beautiful glassware, a lounge grouping perfectly arranged that can be rented as is, and more! Much more! We have an array of styles available to satisfy the needs of any type of client and we want you to be inspired by it! It is our mission to showcase the latest trends and help guide our clients while giving them ideas that can easily be incorporated into their upcoming events!  


PURPOSE: Our purpose has always been the same from the beginning! We strive to provide the most stunning pieces at the best prices along with the attention-to-detail customer service we know our clients deserve. However, as MV continues to grow, it's not only important for us to serve our purpose but also be part of other's purpose as well! We want to share our journey with others helping empower friendor's along the way. In addition, as a female owned company, we want to be part of the growth of other #bossbabes stories and we want to help them celebrate even the tiny milestones they don't often stop to appreciate! We want to inspire & help you along the way.  


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